21 January, Saturday

14:00 ~ 16:30

Brighton Studio Daikanyama

Explore the depth of famous Jivamukti Yoga Hands-On Assists
on a semi-private workshop in Daikanyama.

Jivamukti method is known around the world for its Magic Touch performed by the certified teacher with the goal of Yoga.
The goal of yoga is Self-realization - the revelation of union with the infinite.

On this January workshop we will be discovering general principles of assists introduced by the founders of the method Sharon Gannon and David Life with the focus on standing asanas and forward bends.
This workshop is for you,
if you are:

Jivamukti Yoga Teacher

And want to refine your Magic Touch skills and connect with community - Satasang in Tokyo.

Yoga Practitioner

Who wants to look deeper into the āsana practice and understand key principle of the assists. And maybe you also thinking to become a yoga teacher in future.

Yoga Teacher of any style of Yoga

Who wants to refine the unique skills of assisting on a different levels: physical and mental, verbal and by using your own energy.

  • Yulia Urutina
    Certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher

Active practitioner of various traditional yoga styles: from Iyengar to Ashtanga with more than 9 years of experience and hands-on assists mentor of Ignite Studio in Tokyo.

Fell in love with a depth and subtlety of method under the guidance of the honored Jivamukti Yoga teachers: Olga Oskorbina (Barcelona) and Anna Lunegova (Moscow), in her classes and workshops Yulia inspires students to become aware not only of the body but to understand the work of the mind.

Yulia believes that yoga practice goes beyond the physical forms on a mat, but can and should be applied to all aspects of living.

Yulia Urutina

認定Jivamukti Yoga講師

シベリア生まれ。アイアンガーからアシュタンガまで、9 年以上の経験を持つ、さまざまな伝統的なヨガ スタイルのアクティブな実践者とIgnite Yogaアシストメンター。

ジヴァムクティ ヨガの名匠Olga Oskorbina (バルセロナ) とAnna Lunegova (モスクワ) の指導の下、方法の深みと繊細さに惹かれる。また講師としては、ヨガはマットの上での物理的な形を超えて、生活のあらゆる側面に適用されるべきという信念とともに、生徒が体だけでなく心の働きを理解するように努めている。

  • -1-
    Differences between assists and adjustments
    This critical difference in approach define the result you have as a teacher and what outcome is for the student
  • -2-
    Types of assists
    There are many types you can apply one by one or apply simultaneously. Knowing this will help you to better identify your approach to every specific situation.
  • -3-
    Get practical
    Most part of the workshop is practical - we we try and ultimately master all performed assists.
  • It was amazing! Can't wait for more. So many new information and skills to try on my classes.
    Juriko Edwards
    Founder of Ignite Yoga Studio Tokyo
  • It's so important to refine this skills and grow yoga community together. Thank you, Yulia!
    Kenji Kureyama
    Leading teacher, Ignite Yoga Tokyo
Fee and Registration
- before 13 Jan -
¥4.500 (bank transfer)

- advanced booking -
¥3.900 for each (bank transfer)

Once your request is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email within a 24h after your application. To be officially registered as a participant, you must be able to pay the enrolment fee if chosen advance purchase.
A maximum of 8 participants will be accepted.
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