Jivamukti Basics


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TBC, Wednesday
Discovering standing postures starting from the feet. How to build a form so it will be safe for the knees? How to activate the center of the body? Principles outlined in standing asana - Tadasana - will be applied to the consecutive postures.
Learning cleansing breath, simple & dynamic sequence Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) and forward bends. Stretching and releasing tension from the back side of the body allows us to move forward in practice and to feel better overall.
TBC, Wednesday
Backbends, learning Jivamukti Yoga signature sequence Surya Namaskar. Backbends are helpful to our body, but it's very important to practice them mindfully and with right alignment. How not to open the front side of the body safely - is a theme of this class.
TBC, Wednesday
Turning it upside down and putting it all together. We will learn breath which is used during the yoga practice - oceanic breath Ujjayi. Learning classic version of Surya Namaskar and main principles of working with inverted postures.
TBC, Wednesday

Turning it upside down and putting it all together

Standing asanas

Backward bending

Forward bending

lady making yoga Standing asanas
jivamukti yoga teacher forward bending
Lady making yoga - Backward bending
Yoga teacher in lotus pose
Next dates: TBC in 2022

Q&A about course

Sthira Sukham Asanam
“May the connection to the Earth
be steady and joyful”
Patanjali Yoga Sutras
I've never practiced yoga, is this course for me?
Absolutely, curriculum of this course is specially designed for discovering the practice from scratch.
I've practiced another style of yoga, will this course work for me?
Yes. Jivamukti Basics course is very well structured and can be applied to any other yoga style. You will deepen your knowledge and learn how to practice safely in accordance with your body needs.
What do I need to bring with me?
Comfortable clothing for yoga practice and a good mood should be enough. Rental mats and all equipment are available at the studio free of charge.
I can't join all four classes, can I join single class?
If the space allows - yes, please contact us by mail jiva.tokyo@gmail.com to check the possibility.
Price will be for regular drop-in: ¥ 2.949
I still have some questions I would like to ask.
Contact us by email jiva.tokyo@gmail.com and we will happily answer you.
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